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Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

Sanexas Advanced Electrotherapy for Neuropathy and Chronic Pain is Available at Kalaheo Spine and Wellness Center

Excellent Neuropathy Treatment in Kalaheo, HI

Sanexas electrotherapy is an FDA-cleared treatment shown to be effective because it helps your body heal damaged nerve pathways, decrease inflammation, and increase circulation.

Why Sanexas?

Sanexas is a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free alternative to treat neuropathy shown to improve overall quality of life.

How Advanced Electrotherapy Works

Sanexas uses electronic signal energy waves that produce a harmonic resonant vibration within the body.

Conditions Benefited

Patients have reported improvement in chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, stiffness, weakness, and inflammation.

Is Electrotherapy For Me?

Individuals experiencing neuropathy pain or chronic pain of the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, feet may experience rapid relief.

Why Choose Kalaheo Chiropratic?

Sanexas is offered as a part of Kalaheo Chiropractic’s Comprehensive Personalized Therapy plan where holistic philosophy is the norm.

  • Your physician will create an individualized combination of therapies designed to relieve pain and increase your mobility.
  • Kalaheo Spine and Wellness Center is an integrated practice delivering simultaneous holistic healing practices to improve patient outcomes.
  • Enhancement services such as specialized vitamin and mineral injections and Skin Punch Biopsy Diagnostics are used to increase the treatment's effectiveness.
  • Kalaheo's Spine and Wellness Sanexas Therapy is affordable and may be covered by your medicare and major PPO insurance.
  • Owner Dr. Zack Young brings over 20 years of experience in healing the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Welcome, Kalaheo Chiropractic's caring staff will treat you like family.

Find Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Relief at Kalaheo Chiropractic and Wellness. Book your appointment today!